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and rediscover themselves in the process

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Let’s reimagine hustle…

This nonsense of working all the time with no rest?

It’s gotta go.

It’s not realistic to work nonstop as a mom (or a human, for that matter.)

And yet, that’s the only message we get. And it’s exhausting.

Hustle is great,
but wouldn't it be nice to learn how to start a business from someone who gets it?

I know… I’ve been there.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey I was fresh out of business school. I loved the idea of the hustle. It felt… good. Like I was winning because I was go-go-going all the time. 

And then I had my first baby. In the middle of grad school. And working full time. And running a side hustle. 

And I realized this whole idea of hustle needed to go. Fast.


What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

Us moms tend to forget ourselves as we support everyone else. Our spouses, our kids, even our friends and family.

And we lose ourselves in the process.

I’m here to help you discover you.

You know, the woman you left behind when you started wearing all the hats?

Let’s discover the spark within you. Let’s reimagine YOUR hustle.

Ready to get started?

Learn from someone who understands
what it's like to start a business
while caring for a family.

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I’m here in support of strong women.

Women like you who are moms and.

Here’s how we can get more of each other:

Reimagining Hustle is a podcast where I chat with other parent entrepreneurs about what it’s really like to live in the intersection of these two worlds.

Ready to dive into your business? The Overwhelmed to Empowered Entrepreneur Course is designed for parents who are ready to step into their entrepreneur journey. 

Not looking for hands-on help? Are you more a DIY-er? I get it. So I designed this DIY My Website course to guide you through building a website start to finish.

Interested in working with Roxanne 1:1? Apply here.