What would you do with an extra 5 hours in your week?

Let me guess...

You’re busy. You wear ALL the hats. And when you lie in bed at night you wonder…

How is it already the end of the day?

You think about all the things you should have done today, and then you get frustrated with yourself that you seemed to feel so busy all day, but there’s still so much undone.

How are you supposed to grow a business that way? How are you supposed to support little humans that way? How are you supposed to take care of yourself that way?

Good news:

You're asking the right questions.

Now it's my turn to ask YOU a question:

What would you do with an extra 5 hours in your week?

I'm serious. 5 more hours.
What will you do?

Are you going to work on a business idea you can’t get out of your head?

Are you going to read more?

Are you going to write?

Are you going to play with those beautiful little humans in your life?

Are you going to go outside and meditate?

Sound too good to be true?

It's possible.

Join me for a 5 day challenge.

5 minutes for 5 days.

That’s all I’m asking.

Each day you’ll get an email from me with a short video and a short assignment.

We’ll talk about managing your time in a way that allows you to do that thing you so desperately want to do, without giving up time with your little people.

They need you.

But you need you too. 

Are you ready to join me?