Hi there!

I'm Roxanne.

I'm an entrepreneur.

And a mom.

And a military wife.

And a sister.

And a volunteer.

And a daughter.

And a friend.


Well, you get it.

Because you wear all those hats too.
(And then some.)

You know it’s not easy.

But you love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

But also, wouldn’t it be nice to just talk it out with someone who understands what your life is really like on a daily basis?

To talk about growth and opportunity in a way that is judgment free.

No one questioning why you work so much

Or why you want to be home with your kids today

Or why you can’t seem to find the right balance between all the hats

And in the middle of it all, you’ve forgotten about your most important asset:


You’re sick of the buzzword self-care

But you know you need to put in the work that is self-care.

(And yes, it’s a ton of work, which is why you don’t just do it like everyone tells you to.)

But you’re a human too.

And you matter.

And it would be really nice to have someone listen to you and be in your corner and actually care about YOUR growth and progress

The same way you care for everyone else

You need a you in your life.


I’ll be that for you

I’m not just talk, either.

I’ve worked as an entrepreneur for over a decade.

I’ve started and sold a profitable business (while my 2 kids were under age 8).

I’ve consulted businesses around the country on branding, marketing, and growth.

And I’ve got two business degrees to back me up.

YOU are your business

But your business can't run your life.
I get it.

Need to know more?
Here's 10 things you should know about me:

  1. I sold a profitable business while my youngest was in diapers – and in the middle of a global pandemic.
  2. I make a mean batch of fudge
  3. More than anything I love to go adventuring with my kids
  4. My favorite place to visit is somewhere new (my current country count is 20)
  5. I’m a mom of 2
  6. I stopped counting miscarriages at 5
  7. I’m a proud Air Force wife
  8. I’m a studio musician
  9. I used to play basketball (and still consider it the holiest of sports)
  10. The kitchen is my meditation spot – any time I need to think things through, I cook. The more spices, the better.