Being a mom first

I’m a mom.

It’s awesome.

It’s also the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I’m learning to be not-quite-selfish.

I’m learning to balance my time.

I’m learning to be fair to myself while being fair to my daughter.

I find myself drawn to work with people who get that I’m trying to be a mom first.

And I try to encourage other parents to do that first – priorities.

It’s so hard, though.

It shouldn’t be this hard, but it really is.

I’m raising a mini-me, you see. And I’ve got a pretty intense personality.

Put that in a tiny body…

Whoa baby.

I appreciate my parents more than ever now.

I’m trying to be a mom first, but I wind up being¬†really¬†clinical about it…

I’m trying to make it more natural.

Not as easy as it sounds,

But perhaps the most natural thing in the world all at once.

Being a mom is so many emotions.

I cry all the time.

I laugh all the time.

I’m super elated and one moment later frustrated beyond all reason.

I’m learning to be more patient.

With everyone else…

But mostly with myself.

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