Busy People

I’m so sick of “busy” people.

“Sorry I couldn’t get to that today. I was just so busy…”

“I wish I could help, I’m just really busy…”

“Oh wow! If I weren’t so busy, I’d totally be there…”

I’m calling BS on that RIGHT NOW.

There’s so many angles of this that bother me so badly.

Do you think I’m not busier than you? Do you think I’m just sitting around in my pajamas all day, eating pizza, binge watching anything and everything on Netflix, and waiting around for you to not be busy?


Let’s talk about the definition of busy, shall we?

  1. having a great deal to do.

You don’t say…

Here’s the thing… We ALL have a great deal to do. We have many great deals to do. More than we have time for. Some days we may feel like we’re barely able to breathe we have so many “great deals” to do.

But we make time for the things that matter.

So if you’re busy, great. Welcome to the club. The club that includes ALL OF US.

Please, just own the fact that you own your time, you control your time, and you get to choose what to do with your time.

Then do it.

And then…

(here’s the kicker)…


You don’t want to help me with my random project? No problem. I’ll respect you a whole lot more if you say “That sounds really neat, but I just can’t make that a priority right now. But here’s what I can do… [root you on/bring you a snack/text you to see how it’s going/set a reminder on my phone to ask you the day after how it went].”

Don’t use “being busy” as your excuse.

mmkay, pumpkin?

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