Strength in Persistence

Dear Faye, The phrase Never Give Up seems to inspire you, but doesn’t do you justice. You are persistent. You are strong. And you are crafty in the ways you never give up. In the few years I’ve known you, I’ve watched as you have been knocked down again and again. Life has hit you […]

Strength in Words

Dear Ricki, Words are strange. They mean nothing until they mean everything. We don’t think about the words we say until it’s too late – until they’ve harmed someone or ourselves. We try and communicate one thing but our intent and our impact miss each other by a mile. Your strength comes in your words.  […]

I Am

I love being a mom. Those babies of mine are my whole world. But motherhood isn’t all that I am. I love being a wife. My spouse is everything to me. But being a wife isn’t all that I am. All that I am is so much more. All that I am is so complex, […]

Strength in Service

Dear Ellie, You are one of the strongest women I know. Your strength comes in the way you serve. The thing about service is that we’re so often taught to lose ourselves in the service of others. You approach it differently. You care for yourself first. You always make sure you’re safe and healthy and […]

Strength in Seeing

Dear Wilma, Strong women lift each other in unique ways. We inspire and empower and teach each other, but there’s an important piece that starts each moment of lift. Someone must be seen. Your strength comes in the way you see others. You never seek to help people the same way – it’s always unique […]

Strength in Choice

Dear Emma, Your strength is found in your ability to make a choice. I know you. I love you. And I know how difficult it can be for you to make a decision. I watch as you agonize over decisions, hoping to make the best choice for all parties. You approach decisions with compassion and […]

Strength in Overcoming

Dear Korrie, You know the phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? You are strong because of everything you’ve overcome in your life. I’ve had the privilege of watching you recognize demons within yourself and fight with the fury of the divine feminine to overcome them. I’ve watched as you’ve been hit with challenges […]

Strength in Perseverance

Dear Luna, You inspire me with your willingness to keep trying, even when things get really really difficult. Your strength comes from your willingness to persevere. You know things are difficult. You live your life ready for the next challenge. And yet you persevere. Your children struggle. Your example of perseverance has permeated their little […]

Strength in Discussion

Dear Georgie, Adlerian theory says that every problem is an interpersonal relationship problem, which leads me to believe that perhaps every solution is a communication solution. You have embodied and demonstrated that concept for as long as I’ve known you. Your strength comes from discussion. One of my favorite things about you is that we […]

Strength in Fortitude

Dear Kaye, You know that phrase “Courage, dear heart” that Aslan whispers to Lucy in Narnia? Courage felt like a code word in that moment, like it wasn’t quite strong enough to represent what was actually happening but Aslan knew. And Lucy knew. Yes, courage, but there was something more. In that moment, Lucy needed […]