Pie: A love letter

I love pie. Don’t you love pie? I think everyone loves pie. (Ok, there’s probably a few people who don’t love pie. This is not a love letter for them.) Pie, you make things right in the world. There’s something about methodically mixing butter and flour and water that gives you a moment to think. […]

Intentional Progress

Progress is scary sometimes. Most of the time we get to a point in our lives, look back, and say “Wow! Look how far I’ve come!” That’s not the scary kind of progress. That’s progress that has happened to us, and while we are likely the reason we’ve progressed, it’s not always on purpose. Have you ever […]

Could addiction be a good thing?

This post was originally published on kristinaevonne.com Composers – songwriters – throughout history have been addicts. Chopin and Berlioz used opium.  Mozart and Beethoven were addicted to alcohol. Bernstein was dependent on painkillers. Despite their addiction, these composers are legendary. Their creative facility is unmatched. Could their addiction be a good thing? I won’t go so far […]

Perfect Pink Pants

I have this fabulous pair of pink shorts. I’m not really one for wearing “cute” stuff, but these shorts are just so darn comfy that I couldn’t resist buying them. Ross for the win. However, the last several weeks (read: more than a year) these lovely perfect pink pants haven’t fit quite right. I’ve had to squeeze […]

What they don’t tell you about paleo

Mrs Magic/Foter/CC BY-NC-SA What they don’t tell you about paleo is that things that used to be delicious to you will stop being delicious. Your taste buds CHANGE! Take cookies, for example. Delicious, scrumptious cookies. There was a time in the not-so-distant past where I could down an entire package of Chips Ahoy without batting an […]


Let’s get personal, shall we? I’ve got PCOS. It sucks. I also have a prior history of a DVT, which (among other things) means no hormonal therapy ever. (Read: no birth control for menstrual management.) This has been a small curse, but has turned into a bigger blessing than I ever anticipated. You see, I’ve […]


Do you ever find yourself in need of a pep-talk, but you’re not sure who would give it perfectly? No one really knows what you’re experiencing, no one understands you better than you understand yourself, so there is no one who is really just right to give you a pep-talk. Except yourself. I’m in need […]