5 ways to keep social media from ruining your holidays

Social media is fantastic. You can keep up with everyone without talking to anyone. It’s blissful. And as a business owner, social media is a dream. It’s free, it’s in front of everyone, and it’s easy. At least that’s what we tell ourselves.  In reality, it’s not any of that. It’s not free – it […]

The importance of a beginner’s mindset

Don’t expect perfection of yourself.
But demand progress. Demand growth. Demand learning.
Your goals, whatever they may be, are actually quite achievable.
You’ve just got to start as a beginner.

Sit down and do the thing

Have you ever had a dream? And yes, we can go full Tangled here if you’d like. Seriously, though. Are you sitting on some idea and you’re just afraid to start? Or you’re not afraid but you are… planning? And overthinking? And hesitating? And stalling? And… Well, you get the idea. Something you’re dying to […]

Reframing Failure As Your Friend

Failure is rough. And we ALL fail.
Wouldn’t it be nice if somehow we could immunize against failure?
Your failure is only what you let it be. Don’t let the anticipation of the unknown prevent you from taking action now.