It’s Never Too Late To Start – Reimagining Hustle with Susan Cushman

Susan Cushman is a writer unlimited by genre. In fact, in one year Susan published 3 different books of 3 different genres with 3 different publishers! Susan is older than many of my guests – she celebrated 70 earlier this year! In this episode Susan shares her experiences and views on success and hustle throughout […]

Daily Momentum – Reimagining Hustle with Katie Craig

Katie Craig of Momentum Coaching started out in graphic design and fell into coaching before it was a thing. Katie’s also a new mama and we talk about adding a baby into the mix of entrepreneurship. In this episode Katie reminds us to breathe, surrender, and be really intentional with our time.

Prioritize Yourself – Reimagining Hustle with Tricia Chinnici

Tricia Chinnici is a small business coach who works with sensitive entrepreneurs. In this episode we chat about boundaries, self care, and the importance of prioritizing the things that are most important to YOU. Tricia and I had a blast recording, and I can’t wait for you to listen!

Boundaries and Grit – Reimagining Hustle with Amy Edge

Amy Edge is a former childhood educator and mom of four who now works with clients as an operations and project management expert. She’s also the founder of the Rising Sisterhood Movement. In this episode Amy gets real with us as we talk about boundaries, grit, and keeping the blinders on.

Take a Break – Reimagining Hustle with Lyndall Farley

Lyndall Farley

Lyndall Farley is a sabbatical coach whose coaching journey was born out of a need in her own life to give priority to breaks! In this episode, Lyndall helps us define sabbatical (spoiler: it’s not what you might think!) We also talk about how to take a sabbatical as an entrepreneur. I’m fresh off a […]

Trust The Journey – Reimagining Hustle with Amanda Cunningham

Amanda Cunningham is a mom of three, former corporate marketer, and founder of The Glory Days Co. Amanda started her planner company when her daughter Rory was born and diagnosed with T21. In this episode Amanda and I chat about the experience of learning how to support her daughter and launching a business at the […]

And Nothing Fell Apart – Reimagining Hustle with Dr. Camila Williams

Reimagining Hustle with Dr. Camila Williams

Dr. Camila Williams is a mindset expert, board certified psychologist, and cognitive behavioral specialist who has specialized in the field of perfectionism, anxiety, and stress management for over 10 years. As a “Perfectionist in Recovery,” and mother-of-three she understands only too well the delicate balance between the strive for excellence and crippling self-doubt. Working with […]