Feeling Stuck?

You know what you’re doing. You’ve got a vision. You’re driven. You could probably coach, too. You know your stuff.

You just hit a wall. And you need someone to unpack it with you.

You don’t want to hire a coach for 3 months… You just need 15 minutes with someone who can help untangle your brain.

So we’ll hop on a call, you and I.

Together we’ll untangle the mess in your head. We’ll find clarity. We’ll make sense of the mess.

We’ll walk right through that big block, knocking it down along the way.

What can we untangle?

Anything you want. Working on a business idea and you can’t seem to untangle who your customer is? Let’s chat.

Trying to figure out what it is you offer exactly, but you can’t quite put a finger on it? Mmhmm. We can talk about it.

Struggling to figure out why you feel so funny about a post on Facebook? Yeah, we can work through that too.

I’m not asking you to commit to me for months at a time. I only open up my schedule a week at a time, because I know these moments come up quick and need to get resolved immediately.

Because you’ve got stuff to do! And you can’t get this one thing out of your brain, and until you figure it out you can’t seem to get anything else done!

So let’s detangle it. Right now.

Let’s detangle your brain.