New Year, New Expectations

Happy 2020! I hope you survived the holidays and are relieved to see 2020 here in full swing. I had company for nearly 4 straight weeks and I’m excited to be back to my desk and focused on YOU.

Over the break I stole a few quiet moments away to figure out what 2020 looks like to me, and I realized a few things: 

#1 – I don’t read enough. 
#2 – My focus needs to shift.

So in this new year you’ll start seeing slightly different content from me, and I wanted to let you know so you weren’t surprised!

First of all, I’ve set a goal to finish a book a week. (This goal started out as “read a book a week” but I realized I’m always reading multiple books at once, and I listen to about half of the books I’m consuming, so this word shift made more sense.)

I’ll share the books I read along with my one big takeaway each week. 

Next, I’m shifting my business to be in better support of new or baby businesses, specifically those started by military spouses. I’m a military spouse, so I have a unique perspective on this life. When you add the title of “business owner” to my resume, it gets even stranger.

I’ve talked to many military spouses over the last few months who have confirmed what I’ve thought for a while now: Military Spouses need better support as we start and run businesses. So you’ll see some subtle changes in that regard.

If you know any military spouses who are interested in work-from-home and small business opportunities, please send them my way. 

Finally, I’ll be focusing a lot on self-care as it applies to business. I’m a firm believer that YOU are your greatest asset,  and when you care for yourself you’ll better care for others. 

So there you have it! Lots of changes. I hope you’ll stick around, but I also understand we may not be the best fit anymore, and that’s totally ok. You’ve got to find the best support for you. 

By the way, this week I finished the book Becoming by Michelle Obama. It was inspiring and moving and empowering. My big takeaway was this profound line:

“It is hard to hate up close.” 

She talks about her book on Stephen Colbert here.

I was blown away by Mrs. Obama’s stories of compassion and kindness and support of those who need it most. What a great book to start off my year of reading. 

No matter your political affiliation, this book is worth the read. 

Have a great week.

Drop me a note below and let me know your book recommendations for my 2020 reading list! 

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