Perfect Pink Pants

pink pants

I have this fabulous pair of pink shorts. I’m not really one for wearing “cute” stuff, but these shorts are just so darn comfy that I couldn’t resist buying them. Ross for the win.

However, the last several weeks (read: more than a year) these lovely perfect pink pants haven’t fit quite right. I’ve had to squeeze into them, which in turn shoves all my excess middleness up, creating an unsightly muffin top. (I firmly believe that muffin top only comes from wearing pants too small.)

So I stopped wearing my perfect pink pants.

The other day we were at a museum with an actual pounds scale. (Previous to this point I had been measuring my weight gain in jaguars*) Now let me say here and now that I am NOT a believer in weight as a symbol of success, but I do believe that weight can be an indicator of progress in certain situations.

Anyway, I hopped on the scale out of curiosity. The last time I weighed myself was about a week before we started our modified paleo, and it wasn’t pretty.

It’s been a month of not-strict-mostly-modified paleo for us and I’ve lost 16 pounds! I could hardly believe it. I knew paleo was changing my body shape to be more fit, more healthy, but I didn’t expect to see 16 pounds less than my last weigh-in.

I’ve not been working out any more than normal. I’ve not even been super strict about paleo. I’ve just followed basic principles. No processed foods. Low-to-no sugar. Low-to-no grains. Low-to-no dairy. Lots and lots of veggies and meat, and a hearty portion of fruit.

I feel better. I look better. I sleep better. My energy is better. I’m amazed at the effect paleo principles have had on my mind, body, and soul.

This “paleo” stuff is worth it.

I’ve got to come up with a better word than Paleo, though, since I’m not being strict about it.

Do you apply similar principles to your diet? What changes have you noticed?


*At a kids museum near our house there is a scale that tells you how many jaguars or hippos you weigh. This seemed like a reasonable tool for measurement and so until this week, the most recent measurement of mine was .86 jaguars. Weight is relative, right?

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