Pie: A love letter

Blueberry PieI love pie. Don’t you love pie? I think everyone loves pie.

(Ok, there’s probably a few people who don’t love pie. This is not a love letter for them.)

Pie, you make things right in the world.

There’s something about methodically mixing butter and flour and water that gives you a moment to think.

There’s patience found in rolling out dough to perfection.

There’s something soothing about smelling all the flavors blending together to make something infinitely greater.

There’s something about the warmth of an oven on a cold fall day that is healing.

There’s also something about sharing.

I love pie. Lately, though, I’ve learned that more than pie, I love sharing pie. I love sharing everything about pie.

I love watching someone enjoy a pie I’ve made.

I love teaching someone how to make pie.

I love watching someone succeed in learning a new skill – the joy on their face when they take that first bite of a pie they made…

Pie, you are priceless.

And I adore you.

Pie Lattice

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