Reimagining Hustle Podcast… Are you ready?

My big takeaway:

You know those days when you wake up and know it’s going to be a defining sort of day? Where the energy is there and you’re ready to take over the world?

It’s that sort of day over here.

I’m THRILLED to announce the launch of my new podcast: Reimagining Hustle.

Reimagining Hustle is a podcast for entrepreneurial parents creating a life where business and parenthood live peacefully in the same space.

Host Roxanne Merket is a mom of two, serial entrepreneur, and parent + entrepreneur coach on a journey to prove that it’s possible to do what you love without sacrificing all your precious family time.

Most episodes are under 30 minutes. (I know you’re busy… why make it more difficult for you to get some goodness in your day?!?)

Check it out here (or wherever you listen to your podcasts!)

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