Reimagining Hustle with Roxanne Merket

My big takeaway:

Stop dreaming, start doing. Dreaming is an important first step, but you’ve GOT to get to the doing part of business.

It’s difficult to be consistent when you’re a parent. So let’s talk about it!

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Show Notes:

1:56 – There is beauty in creating. It is divine to create. (To create is to be inspired by the divine.)

2:33 – Master Creators are DO-ers, not dreamers

3:18 – When I consistently show up, that’s when the good stuff happens. But it’s not always easy.

7:21 – Every day is different. Every life is different. We’re all living a different version of the story.

7:56 – Give yourself grace. But consistently show up.

8:45 – Every day you need to show up for your business, even if it’s just 5 minutes.

9:29 – When you’re consistent, you’re showing up for your people – your audience, your customer, your clients.

11:00 – How can you show up consistently for yourself AND your customers

11:30 – Set a start date! It’s scary, but step into the unknown and show up for yourself.