Reimagining Hustle with Roxanne Merket

My big takeaway:

Hustle is giving my all in the space I allowed it.

Join me as I have my 8 year old interview ME about parenting and entrepreneurship.

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Show Notes:

1:22 – Meet Roxanne’s daughter Nora, our interviewer for the day.

2:04 – Roxanne’s journey into marketing, coaching, and education.

4:30 – Success looks like time with my family adventuring, exploring, and also doing the things that I want to do for myself. Finding the space to be a good mom and a good person at the same time.

4:58 – Why success doesn’t mean making all the dollars.

5:27 – Being a parent changed my whole journey.

6:39 – Guilt as an entrepreneur is really just FOMO.

7:54 – Recognize you cannot do it all. You HAVE to take care of yourself if you’re going to show up for others.

8:37 – Being an entrepreneur and a parent at the same time will make you feel like an imposter, but if you let it, both parenting and entrepreneurship can allow you to grow in ways you never expected.

9:14 – A growth mindset makes this journey better!

9:30 – Being a parent and an entrepreneur will look totally different than you think it will!

9:54 – What does it mean to reimagine hustle?

11:28 – Entrepreneurship needed to look differently for me. I wasn’t willing to give up my life, my health, and my time for a business that wasn’t returning the favor.

13:44 – Pep talk! You know what you want this to look like, deep down. Pause and listen to YOU. Give yourself space and grace.

15:26 – Do our kids like to know what’s going on? Nora gets real.

17:27 – You have GOT this! You’re doing wonderful things. Keep up the good work.