Trust Yourself and Live Aligned – Reimagining Hustle with Silvana Toledo

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My big takeaway:

Relax, trust yourself, and live aligned with your values.

My dear friend and entrepreneurship coach Silvana joins me to discuss parenting and entrepreneurship.

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Show Notes:

3:20 – Silvana shares her journey from working mom in a corporate job to entrepreneurship

13:30 (also 14:45) – Success looks like being in congruency with personal values

16:20 – Priorities shifted when she became a parent. Having a child helped her realize work was not everything. “Becoming a mother made me a better planner.”

18:28 – All the skills acquired in parenthood translated to entrepreneurship

22:44 – Planning for things to go wrong is an entrepreneurship skill

24:24 – Guilt never really goes away because you’re trading time. Guilt fluctuates over time.

25:42 – Conversations with our children can help assuage our guilt

27:47 – Our children are looking and learning how to put effort into things that matter by watching us do it too

29:53 – Create a better future. A life on your own terms.

32:18 – There is so much curated information out there. As parents and entrepreneurs, we can empower others to recognize the reality of this life by actually talking about it.

35:39 – Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. With kids, it’s even lonelier.

36:06 – The dangers of the comparison trap

37:26 – Hustle is easier than it sounds. It is redefining expectations.

39:21 – Pep talk! Try and relax! Relax and make better decisions.