Time Creativity – Reimagining Hustle with Patricia Talavera

My big takeaway:

Get creative with your time. It’s ok to find micro-moments to work and do the things that matter to you!

Web designer Patricia Talavera runs a successful design business with her twin sister, all while managing home school, 5 kids between the two of them, spouses, and a passion project dedicated to military spouses. Join us as we chat about parenting and entrepreneurship, and the ability to find tiny moments to do all the things.

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

07:06 – Success is being picky about who you work with

07:50 – Setting boundaries is SO important

08:59 – How did becoming a parent change your journey as an entrepreneur?

10:28 – Operation Syt Launch (Passion Project)

14:19 – The reason I do this is FOR my children (Guilt)

15:30 – What does your work schedule *actually* look like?

18:24 – Record and send to a transcription service

20:35 – Self care is non-negotiable

24:21 – How do you reimagine hustle?

26:27 – Pep talk!