Entrepreneurship & Foster Care – Reimagining Hustle with Roman Prokopchuk

My big takeaway:

Be a heart-led entrepreneur.

Roman is a first generation immigrant from Ukraine. After a tumultuous educational journey, including being affected by the 2008 recession, he now owns a successful digital marketing agency.

Roman and his wife have walked a journey of infertility, and are now foster parents. Since 2018 they’ve had 21 kids in their home, and currently have 4 boys in their care.

In this episode we talk about being a heart-led entrepreneur, foster care, and what it’s like to try and balance all the things.

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

04:42 – Full service marketing, but Roman’s strength is SEO

06:03 – Success looks like having the freedom to do what you want

06:49 – Leaving a legacy, heart led entrepreneur

07:18 – Success is helping others and bringing others along with him

07:58 – Emotional IQ transitioned him from seeking titles to being a heart-led entrepreneur

09:17 – The importance of a routine with foster kids and a business

12:34 – The reality of being a foster parent means life changes fast

14:19 – Empathy in business, marketing, and foster care

17:15 – Being a foster parent and an entrepreneur at the same time means

18:43 – Self care in the middle of caring for everyone else

20:37 – Hustle reimagined means taking advantage of the little pockets of time during the day

23:19 – Pep talk! Find a support system.