“Both, and” – Reimagining Hustle with Laura Lynn LaPointe

My big takeaway:

Be a little more tender with yourself. It really is possible to have “both, and.”

In this episode of Reimagining Hustle, I talk with parent coach and behavior analyst Laura Lynn LaPointe. Prior to having her own family, Laura Lynn trained and coached foster parents in healthy parenting skills. Once she had children of her own, she knew she really wanted to pursue this dream of making parenting easier for others.

During our conversation, Laura Lynn and I talk about allowing yourself to become a little more tender, and how you really can have “both, and.

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Show Notes:

00:59 – Laura Lynn worked with foster parents prior to having her own children. Once she had her first child, she realized she really wanted to pursue this dream in the back of her head of making parenting easier for others.

04:37 – The tipping point where someone might call a parenting coach

06:17 – Laura Lynn talks about the experience of working with foster parents and how that changed the way she coaches parents now

09:20 – Success looks like doing what you love, helping people, and making a difference in people’s lives. PLUS… Me being the best version of myself. Doing what I thought I couldn’t do.

11:30 – Being a parent during this journey has taught Laura Lynn to be more tender.

13:49 – Yes, even parenting coaches feel guilt. Laura Lynn feels guilt around her husband and asking for guilt.

15:07 – We can choose to feel guilty

16:13 – There is so much push and pull when living life as an entrepreneur and a parent simultaneously.

20:07 – How to reimagine hustle? “Both, and.”

21:15 – Pep talk – give yourself grace.