Done is Better Than Perfect – Reimagining Hustle with Samantha Varner

My big takeaway:

Kids and entrepreneurship will force you to learn that done is better than perfect. Take it easy, focus on the wins, and give yourself permission to celebrate success.

Samantha is a Canadian living in Texas (and formerly Australia!) Her journey of being an expat led her to be an entrepreneur. Samantha coaches women entrepreneurs to get more clients and more cash, allowing them to create financial self-sufficiency.

In this episode we talk about working weird hours, the journey to entrepreneurship, and how workaholism is nonsense.

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

02:09 – Found out she was pregnant the day she got on the plane to move to Australia

06:02 – Were you resistant to the entrepreneurship journey?

07:24 – You’re not bound by anyone else’s rules as an entrepreneur

07:58 – Definition of success

09:20 – Being an entrepreneur has changed her workaholicism

11:00 – Guilt? Mom guilt is BS.

13:00 – Good enough is a thing

15:20 – Reimagine hustle

18:04 – How much time do you actually work during the week?

19:55 – Pep talk