Done is Better Than Perfect – Reimagining Hustle with Krissy Chin

Krissy Chin

My big takeaway:

Done is better than perfect.

Krissy Chin is a registered nurse turned serial entrepreneur. She coaches business owners on their journey to a more successful business.

In this episode, Krissy and I chat about how it’s ok to not want to be just a mom, how being a parent has offered more grace, and how done is better than perfect. 

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Show Notes:

1:00 – Krissy started as a nurse and very quickly realized the lifestyle she wanted wasn’t found in nursing.

05:30 – It’s ok to want more than “just” being a mom.

06:45 – Success looks different now. Every time you hit a goal, you want something bigger.

08:27 – Being a parent has changed Krissy’s tolerance, and giving herself more grace and embracing the journey.

10:50 – Done is better than perfect

11:53 – No guilt

13:15 – It’s hard to be a parent and an entrepreneur at the same time

14:54 – When do you get work done?

18:12 – Reimagined hustle means all things automation & team support

19:54 – What question should entrepreneurs be asking themselves more?

20:54 – Pep talk