Embrace Asking for Help – Reimagining Hustle with Laura Hernandez

My big takeaway:

We MUST give ourselves permission to ask for help. (And also, batch all the things!)

Laura is a mom of 10 and creator of Business Mama Systems. This episode we talk about batching, asking for help, and filling up your own love tank. (It’s not as dirty as it sounds!)

Since I recorded this podcast I’ve batched certain elements in my kitchen, and I can tell you – Laura’s the real deal.

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

01:08 – Laura has 10 children, 3 adopted out of foster care. Several of her children have IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Delay)

07:30 – What’s the tipping point? At what point do you call someone like Laura?

08:32 – Success looks like having fun

10:09 – What’s it like to work with you?

12:30 – Batch all the things!

14:31 – Being a parent and an entrepreneur has forced Laura to practice what she preaches

15:30 – Fill up love tanks

16:30 – What is a love tank?

17:58 – How do you fill up your own love tank?

23:00 – It’s OK to ask for help!

24:14 – Who helps you?

27:22 – Reimagining hustle means finding the things that matter to you and DOING them!

29:00 – Pep talk!