Mindful Courage – Reimagining Hustle with Rachel Pereyra

Rachel Pereyra

My big takeaway:

Take the time to focus your energy and efforts!

Rachel Pereyra is an online business manager, mom of 2, and, after 2020, a recovering “chronic hustler.” In this episode we chat about mindfulness, the power of recognizing energy, and juggling glass balls vs plastic balls.

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

01:00 – Rachel’s back story

04:00 – Pulled the trigger and quit her 9-5 during 2020

06:56 – Big believer in energy

07:38 – Not sure what energy work is? Check out human design.

08:38 – Success is no longer based on money or status. It’s based on what Rachel’s life looks like.

10:03 – Talking to your kids about the debt free journey is vulnerable but worth the process

11:30 – Being a parent has made Rachel less risky in business decisions while pushing her out of her comfort zone

13:41 – How Rachel deals with guilt

17:27 – Being a parent and an entrepreneur simultaneously is harder and not as hard as you’d think. (Plastic balls vs glass balls)

19:49 – Mindfulness of your choices is important

23:40 – Reimagined hustle looks like focused energy and attention

26:16 – Pep talk!