Figure Out What Doesn’t Work – Reimagining Hustle with Gillian Behnke

My big takeaway:

Work at your pace, schedule your time, and don’t be afraid to do the thing you love to do!

Gillian Behnke is a mom, full time employee, AND founder of Mom Camp. In this episode, Gillian and I chat about slowing down, scheduling your time, and why Gillian doesn’t believe in failure.

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

01:20 – Who is Gillian?

02:45 – What about Mom Camp? What’s this all about? Gillian talks us through the birth of Mom Camp.

09:29 – Success looks like complete fulfillment

11:28 – Gillian doesn’t believe in failure, she believes in figuring out what doesn’t work

13:20 – Being a parent during entrepreneurship

14:44 – No guilt! What does this actually look like?

20:44 – Schedule your time, including your downtime

22:38 – Reimagined hustle looks like Hustling when you need to, but never losing sight of what matters most. It doesn’t all have to be all hustle all at once, all the time.

24:53 – Gillian flips the script and asks Roxanne about reimagining hustle

28:50 – Realize what’s most important to you

30:57 – Pep talk!