Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper – Reimagining Hustle with Jennifer Locke

My big takeaway:

Keep your eyes on your own paper!

Jennifer Locke worked in a non-profit until her whole world changed – her twins were born and she knew she could never go back to what she knew before. Jennifer’s journey to entrepreneurship began there, and she’s never looked back.

Jennifer is a ghostwriter and author coach who helps entrepreneurs and thought leaders uplevel their brands with a book. Jennifer has been writing fiction since 2011, and she brings this fiction writer’s approach to her work with her clients. Jennifer has ghostwritten business books that have been published by both business presses and Big Five publishers–whether writing fiction or non-fiction, Jennifer lives for stories. Bringing stories to life, whether her own or her clients, is Jennifer’s favorite work.

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Show Notes:

2:00 – Jennifer got into entrepreneurship after her twins were born. When it came time to go back to work, she just couldn’t do it.

5:50 – Things don’t actually happen simultaneously.

8:55 – Success is doing what you say you’re going to do.

9:52 – Guilt comes from mismanaged expectations.

12:20 – Being a parent during this journey has forced Jennifer to re-examine her limiting beliefs.

15:23 – People don’t get what it’s like to be a parent/entrepreneur – and that’s ok.

19:10 – We can learn a whole lot by sharing ourselves and by asking questions.

19:57 – Jennifer shares with us how she structures her day.

23:20 – Reimagined Hustle looks like having the freedom to do what you want with your lifestyle. You get there by focusing on the big vision.

26:11 – Pep talk!