Don’t Live Hustled, Live Inspired – Reimagining Hustle with Becky Mollenkamp

My big takeaway:

Don’t live hustled, live INSPIRED!

Becky Mollenkamp is a mindset coach, helping women get out of their own ways. After her world came crashing down in 2010, Becky realized she’d be living a life of “shoulds” and needed to change some things. Eventually Becky realized she really wanted to help other women feel better. This conversation is real, raw, and refreshing.

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Show Notes:

2:00 – Becky lets us in on her background.

4:50 – In the middle of her own change, Becky reconnected with an old flame and had her son.

7:43 – What question are women asking prior to hiring a mindset coach? I ask Becky, and she dives into a great explanation.

9:07 – We might know about our baggage, but how does it show up in business?

10:16 – Success is contentment, not happiness

13:15 – Being a parent changes your identity

15:38 – Guilt? It goes away when you recognize you’re a role model.

17:53 – Mindset work is all about reframing things, including guilt

19:02 – Parenting and entrepreneurship can be really hard

20:53 – Becky lets us in on her schedule

23:05 – Reimagined hustle means eliminating the word hustle. Instead of hustle, Becky wants to work inspired.

25:36 – Pep Talk!