Success Is About Helping People – Reimagining Hustle with Charcora Palmer

My big takeaway:

Remember why you do what you do!

Charcora Palmer’s entire focus is on helping others with their finances. From credit repair to mortgages, Charcora’s company Total Power Financial Solutions takes you through every step of financial health. In this episode Charcora and I talk about how important it is to remember your WHY, and why success is less about hustle and more about helping others.

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

4:19 – Are you really ready for the journey? And what is your why?

7:20 – Success is about helping people obtain their goals.

8:33 – Being a parent has changed Charcora’s Why.

10:27 – Guilt shows up when time management is lacking.

12:24 – Being a parent and entrepreneur is possible!

13:47 – Hustle is a constant overturning world.

15:53 – Pep talk!