Intentionally Redirect Your Time – Reimagining Hustle With Kiva Slade

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My big takeaway:

Don’t be afraid to restructure your work time!

Kiva Slade is a certified Director of Operations and Online Business Manager helping overworked business owners streamline their operations, tighten up their team, and run the back end and day-to-day operations so they can do what they dreamed of doing when they started their business – transforming their clients’ lives and changing the world. In a former life, Kiva worked on Capitol Hill in various legislative roles.

After chatting with Kiva I changed the way I structured my work week and it has made ALL the difference!

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Show Notes:

1:00 – Kiva’s journey to entrepreneurship was windy and unexpected

11:55 – Success looks like balance

13:25 – Being a parent and an entrepreneur has helped Kiva reevaluate her priorities

17:42 – Guilt changes as your kids change

21:48 – You’ll never feel like you’re giving 100% to everything, so embrace boundaries to get through

23:11 – Reimagined Hustle looks like setting boundaries around your time

27:33 – Pep talk!