Listen To Your Skin – Reimagining Hustle With Samantha Dench

Links from the show:

Facebook: @skindeepil
Instagram: @skindeepil

My big takeaway:

Take advantage of the little pockets of time you have

Samantha Dench by trade is a licensed esthetician. Since struggling with adult acne, Samantha has been on a more holistic journey towards skin care. During this episode, Samantha let me in on a few basic tips for skin care, and we talked about her journey of single parenting and entrepreneurship. 

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Show Notes:

1:00 – Samantha’s story started with great skin which quickly

9:00 – Success means helping people

10:00 – Kids have always come first

11:37 – There’s a lot of guilt for both business AND kids

12:52 – It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur, but when you’re passionate about it, it’s worth it

13:45 – Reimagined hustle looks like finding time and being creative in the time you have

15:02 – I asked for a few quick tips on skin care for entrepreneurs.

17:32 – Pep talk!