Making A Magical Life After Trauma – Reimagining Hustle With Dr. Ashley Wellman

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My big takeaway:

You truly can rise from the ashes of grief

Criminologist Dr. Ashley Wellman specializes in helping families through homicide and sexual assault. She became a widow in 2018 when her husband unexpectedly passed away, and she lets us in on how that experience changed the trajectory of her life.

This episode is such a powerful one – I learned SO much from Ashley. If you’re dealing with grief in any way, or know someone dealing with grief, this episode is a MUST listen.

TRIGGER WARNING: grief, loss, trauma, death

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Show Notes:

2:12 – Dr. Ashley Wellman found her passion in helping families deal with violent crime.

6:20 – Ashley tells us about the moment her husband passed away and how she emerged from that trauma.

17:20 – Today, Ashley is a book author pursuing her dream of giving her daughter a magical life.

18:50 – Success is no longer defined by a career. Now it comes from an internal place.

22:33 – When dealing with grief, grieve individually AND as a family

27:01 – How to help a friend dealing with grief

36:33 – Guilt is SO prevalent. Stop, give yourself a moment to regroup yourself, and give yourself grace.

40:02 – Your heart goes into EVERYTHING when you’re a parent and an entrepreneur.

42:22 – Hustle is just making it through the day!

44:38 – Pep Talk!