Get Silly – Reimagining Hustle With Priscilla Aguila

My big takeaway:

Get SILLY! Let loose and let the creativity flow.

Priscilla is an A-ha whisperer and branding maestro. This single mom of two is one of the Montmarena mentors. She’s also a branding wizard working on several projects at once. During this episode, Priscilla and I chatted about her current project – Everyday Sillybrations – and how to have FUN in life and business.

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

2:50 – Priscilla tells us about her Everyday Sillybrations

14:59 – Success is life right now

16:51 – How has being a parent while exploring creativity changed Priscilla as a parent?

20:50 – What about guilt?

25:26 – Reimagined hustle is eliminating the word hustle

27:31 – Pep Talk!