Give Yourself Grace – Reimagining Hustle With Sarah Jane

My big takeaway:

Give yourself grace! And understand the WHY of your own health journey.

Women’s strength and conditioning fitness coach, aunt, and entrepreneur Sarah Jane was inspired by her own fitness journey to help other moms on their health and fitness journey. 

During this episode Sarah reminds us to give ourselves grace and understand the WHY of our health journeys.

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Show Notes:

0:56 – Sarah Jane lost 65 pounds just by ditching diets and strength training

2:12 – Understand WHY before you hire a trainer like Sarah

3:47 – Sarah shares HER why

6:22 – Success looks like non-scale victories

8:33 – Sarah is a guardian and auntie – She talks us through what this looks like in her world

10:04 – Does guilt show up when you’re a guardian/aunt?

12:12 – Do the kids join you when you’re working?

13:48 – You don’t always have the answers

17:02 – Reimagined hustle looks like automation and grace

20:06 – Pep talk!