Make A Seat At The Table – Reimagining Hustle with Zanade

My big takeaway:

Be Fearless. And always look for opportunities to make a seat at the table.

Zanade is on a mission to make revenue parity – especially for women of color – a reality. This episode is an important one – we talk a lot about race and the importance of making seats at the table.

Zanade is currently the architect of the Black Women’s Business Collective, a crowdsourcing initiative that was created out of a growing need to provide access and resources to Black and Afro-Latina women business owners who experienced financial challenges in the wake of COVID-19.

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

1:10 – Black Women’s Business Collective is here to solve the enormous revenue gap for people of color.

8:07 – How can white women support women of color in the entrepreneurship world?

15:42 – What questions does Zanade wish I would ask?

29:55 – Success looks like revenue parity. Success looks like growth.

38:00 – Being a parent while growing a business during COVID has made Zanade more patient

42:18 – No more guilt – “I know better!”

48:48 – Reimagined hustle is doing what your heart intends in the medium you have the capacity for.

52:58 – Pep talk!