Pick and Choose – Reimagining Hustle with Meg Staples

My big takeaway:

It’s ok to pick and choose.

Meg Staples is a mom of 2, full time art teacher, and owner of Her Tribe Athletics. Meg runs her business from her basement and wears ALL the hats. In this episode we pull back the curtain and talk about what it’s like to be doing all the things, including running an apparel company. Meg also reminds us that it’s OK to pick and choose, and also to wait a day. 

Links from the show:


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Show Notes:

1:01 – Meg’s story

3:38 – The process of getting ideas to clothes is the world Meg knows

5:50 – How long does the process take? Around 4 months.

8:55 – 2020 has taught Meg to rethink the way she’s growing her business

17:11 – Success is deciding what is good for you.

20:31 – How has being a parent changed Meg?

27:21 – What about guilt?

33:03 – It’s ok to pick and choose.

37:32 – Reimagined hustle looks like taking time for yourself

41:28 – Pep talk