Flow and Flex – Reimagining Hustle with Laura Greco

My big takeaway:

Be flexible – it’s all going to be ok

Laura Greco is a warrior for moms and creator of the Resilience Momma Movement. She helps mothers hone their skills and build their confidence, energy and focus to create a peaceful thriving home for moms and their families. Laura is mom to 4 grown daughters and has been on her entrepreneurial journey for 4 decades.

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

1:08 – Laura has been an entrepreneur since her daughters were young. After doing some past life work and helping her daughter through challenges, Laura shifted into coaching.

5:24 – Laura’s youngest daughter became anorexic at age 14.

9:05 – Success is a tricky word, but for Laura success is seeing people thrive.

10:23 – This journey has taught Laura how to express herself with openness.

12:43 – Expansive vs contractive states

15:34 – Guilt? Yes! As moms we want to be perfect. But we don’t need to be.

18:18 – It’s all gonna be ok!

20:01 – Reimagined hustle looks like flow and flex.

22:55 – Pep talk!