Always Be Learning – Reimagining Hustle with Felicia Wright

My big takeaway:

Be smart about and own your time.

Felicia Wright is a former teacher turned marketer turned business coach. In this episode Felicia and I talk about the breaking point in her journey, near-miss nip slips on IG live, and the importance of always learning.

Links from the show:
Instagram: @heyfeliciawright

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Show Notes:

0:56 – Felicia shares her journey with us.

2:54 – The breaking point for Felicia was watching children be neglected and abused.

6:46 – Success is ever evolving, and looks different in the moment vs moving forward.

8:58 – Having kids has reminded Felicia to always be learning.

12:08 – Guilt? Absolutely.

15:39 – When you’re a mom, the house is always burning.

19:10 – Felicia shares a nip slip moment

21:57 – Pep talk!