Take a Break – Reimagining Hustle with Lyndall Farley

Lyndall Farley

My big takeaway:

Trust your North Star, and take a break!

Lyndall Farley is a sabbatical coach whose coaching journey was born out of a need in her own life to give priority to breaks! In this episode, Lyndall helps us define sabbatical (spoiler: it’s not what you might think!) We also talk about how to take a sabbatical as an entrepreneur.

I’m fresh off a moving sabbatical, and Lyndall’s expertise prior to my move helped me recognize I really could take a break during this period of change.

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

01:00 – Lyndall Farley is a sabbatical coach. Her career path was born out of a need in her own life. (Spoiler – Lyndall has had MANY sabbaticals!)

9:42 – Let’s define sabbatical! Lyndall gives a rule of thumb for defining sabbatical.

12:42 – Lyndall works more with individuals than corporations, though she does work with both

20:22 – Success looks different now than it used to. For Lyndall, success is now understanding how closely aligned you are to your North Star.

24:40 – We shift topics a bit and talk about being a new mom while on an entrepreneurial journey. Things get real and vulnerable as we discuss how being a mom isn’t everything, and that’s ok!

43:30 – Pep Talk!