Daily Momentum – Reimagining Hustle with Katie Craig

My big takeaway:

Let the little things build daily momentum.

Katie Craig of Momentum Coaching started out in graphic design and fell into coaching before it was a thing. Katie’s also a new mama and we talk about adding a baby into the mix of entrepreneurship. In this episode Katie reminds us to breathe, surrender, and be really intentional with our time.

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Show Notes:

1:09 – Katie fell into coaching before coaching was a thing

5:10 – Katie was hesitant to have a baby after being in business for over a decade. She lets us know the reality of that decision.

9:40 – Success looks like freedom of time.

14:18 – Katie shares things she’s learned about herself after adding parent to her list of titles.

16:47 – We all experience guilt. Katie helps us understand how she deals with it.

20:19 – Katie wishes people knew how much we don’t share about parenthood.

25:19 – Reimagined Hustle looks like boundaries.

28:00 – Pep talk!