Do It For The Fire In Your Soul – Reimagining Hustle with Catherine Henderson

My big takeaway:

It’s ok to do things because YOU want to.

Catherine Henderson is a pharmacist and health coach. Her unique training as a pharmacist meant she saw a different perspective in health coaching.

In this episode Catherine and I talk about the importance of doing things for you. And how that’s absolutely ok.

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Show Notes:

1:11 – Catherine shares her journey from cashier at a hometown pharmacy to a health coach with pharmaceutical training.

7:07 – I ask Catherine for tiny actionable steps, and she explains the concept of willpower vs thoughts > feelings > actions > results.

8:53 – Working with a health coach can be completely virtual. Catherine uses an app for communication with her clients.

10:48 – Catherine wrestles with the definition of success. To her, success looks like replacing her salary as a pharmacist while also making a quality impact in her clients’ lives.

13:20 – Coaching and parenting are the same skillset.

14:56 – Catherine uses her coaching skills to improve her own life, too.

16:43 – Catherine shares with us how she talks to her own daughter about food.

18:11 – After I realized how much Catherine was doing, I asked her point blank what she does to take care of herself. Her morning time is her sacred space, and she allows herself to relax at night.

19:13 – Catherine used to experience guilt around being a parent and having a career. She has since banished those thoughts, and explains how a few non-negotiables helped! She also reframes asking for help as giving her children the gift of connections with other people.

22:15 – Catherine expounds on her family idea of doing time differently.

24:34 – Catherine explains how she does her work for HER, not for her children. It’s about the fire in her soul.

26:35 – Reimagined Hustle looks like understanding (and accepting) that things take time.

28:00 – Pep Talk!