Stop Blaming Time – Reimagining Hustle with Jaimee Campanella

My big takeaway:

Stop blaming time. Time is really on your side.

Jaimee Campanella is a time strategist and productivity consultant who helps parents restructure their time to achieve their dream life vision. Jaimee shares her journey to becoming a time strategist and explains her Time Power Method, which offers essential tools and strategies to help people avoid overwhelm and tame chaos in order to achieve their dreams and goals. She also emphasizes the importance of creating a lifestyle where you are not busy, but rather have a full and fulfilling life.

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Roxanne: Podcasting during school when my house is quiet enough to work, this is re-imagining hustle. A podcast for entrepreneurial parents, creating a life where business and parenthood live peacefully in the same space. I’m your host Roxanne market. A mom of two micro-business coach and serial entrepreneur on a journey to prove that it is possible to do what you love without sacrificing all your precious time.

Let’s do this. 

Welcome back to Reimagining Hustle. I cannot wait to chat with my guest today to introduce my guest today. I have Jaimee Campanella with me.

Jaimee, how are you?

Jaimee Campanella: I am doing really well. Thank you so much for having me today. I’m so excited to be speaking with you.

Roxanne: Oh, this is gonna be fun. You are doing good, good work in the world, and I wanna hear all about it. I wanna share with my listeners. So will you just dive in, tell us about you, tell us about the work you do, and if you wanna throw it in a little bit of your journey to get there as well.

Jaimee Campanella: Absolutely. So as Roxanne mentioned, I’m Jaimee Campanella. I’m a time strategist and I’m a productivity consultant, and my focus is on mentoring and guiding parents, specifically moms, professionals and entrepreneurs to restructure their time to actually achieve their dream life vision. I am the creator of the Time Power Method, which I had created to give people the essential tools and strategies to.

Avoid overwhelm, all these things you all know so well tame the chaos and actually start to take steps to achieve their dreams and goals. I’m all about supporting moms from going from, I don’t have enough time to do anything to, wow. I finished my to-do list and it’s only lunchtime.

Roxanne: Mm.

Jaimee Campanella: I, um, I offer in this premier service time, power, I like to say I do a home edit cuz everyone knows about the home edit.

I do a home edit of your life and business. So my goal is to turn you into an organized powerhouse, creating awesome systems and mindset changes and structures to actually allocate your time toward the experiences you want to be having. I am the mama of two young boys who keep me on my toes. Uh, I’m a wife, I’m a business owner, course creator, entrepreneur.

And over the last 20 years I have been turning chaos. I walk into chaos situations and I turn, my love is turning into smooth running operations and machines. My background is in large corporations and non-for-profit, managing high stake events. And so in all those contexts, turning these complexities, um, into smooth operating, um, machines, and it is from that professional experience becoming a mother and then starting my own business, I took it to a different level of supporting.

Moms and business owners. Um, I’m also the founder and CEO of a virtual services agency. So through that channel, I support small business owners with the actual resources to outsource as aspects of their life and their business so that people can really experience time freedom and simpler and easier ways.

So that’s a. In a nutshell, what I do, a big nutshell of,

Roxanne: yes. I usually hate the word busy, but I feel like you are a busy, busy woman. I’m impressed.

Jaimee Campanella: I’m not busy.

Roxanne: Tell me about it.

[00:03:45] I’m Not Busy

Jaimee Campanella: It’s funny that you say that because, um, this is like a, a side tangent, but the other day I was ending a call with somebody and they said, you know, thank you so much for making time. I know you’re so busy. And I thought to myself, I let it slide, but it bothered me so much later because my whole design is creating a lifestyle.

where I’m not busy, I’ve dropped that badge of honor. That busy is a great thing and now I’m like, I don’t wanna be busy. I don’t know what everyone thinks busy is. Sure. I have a full. life I have a beautiful life. I’m running lots of ships, but I do it so that I don’t feel busy. I don’t wanna be perceived as busy.

I wanna be the mom. You’re like, how the hell does she get it done? Cuz she seems like she’s got it all together. I don’t want to be the busy frazzled mom who shows up like, you know, with her hair undone. And I mean, I’m not perfect. I’m not trying to even give that perception, but I’m not busy. I’m in love with my life and.

I choose my priorities. I make really conscious decisions before I put anything on my calendar.

Roxanne: Mm, such a great take. I’m reminded of, uh, many, many years ago. I was in the middle of, I was spearheading this project for, um, I’m, I’m trying to like, share the story without calling anybody out too much, so I have to be careful how I share the story. Uh, I was gathering a lot of information from about 16 people for a book, for somebody who is significant for all of us.

So I feel like that’s vague enough, but specific enough. And in the middle of, I mean, I was, I was getting a master’s degree. I was a mom, a little one. I was supporting my husband who was also going to school. We were, I mean, like, you know, that busyness, right? For lack of a better word, we’re gonna call it busyness.

And uh, one of the people that I had asked for, uh, their, the, basically their contribution to this book, they were. Uh, I’m trying to think. They, they were living at home. They didn’t have a job. They were taking like one college class. They weren’t like, they were very much, and like, I’m not gonna try to tell anybody how to spend their time, but they, they were not wearing as many hats even as they are now.

And. And I had to ask again and again and again and again and again for their contribution, you know, and it was important that we have it so that the book was complete and the response that I kept getting was, well, I’m just so busy. And I’m like, do you, do you think none of us?

Jaimee Campanella: you know what busy means?

Roxanne: I was like, no, it’s not that you’re too busy, it’s that this isn’t a priority.

So I love that. That was one of those words that came up for you is that, um, that you love your life and you know how to prioritize. So do you sleep. Ever.

Jaimee Campanella: I do, absolutely. I do sleep. I mean, sleep is always a thing with kids. I mean that I can’t, that’s one of the, the factors that I say. Is somewhat out of your control, but I can take steps to ensure that I get better sleep. Like I can’t stay up super late anymore because I know my kids are gonna wake me up between three and five.

So if I don’t get that first leg in, I’m done. So, but I, yeah, of course, I, my goal is seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Of course. Um, but that, you know, it does, it is possible and it takes discipline, going to bed earlier, um, and just knowing where the weaknesses are, where your sleep is gonna get lost. I do not stay up late and work the way I used to.

when I first started my business, I was in the office till 2:00 AM. I was always hustling. I was always busy. I was always filling in more. 

Roxanne: Yeah. 

Jaimee Campanella: but I will not do that to myself anymore because then I’m just not the person I wanna be in the morning. I mean, I can’t control if my kid keeps me up all that


Roxanne: Right,

Jaimee Campanella: or wakes me up, but I can control when I let myself go down a social media wormhole

Roxanne: Yes. Ooh, yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay, so Jaimee, I wanna ask some questions because I, you and I are running in really similar worlds, and so it’s really fun. So I wanna get your perspective on all of this. Uh, so you’re a time strategist. That was kind of your very first big thing. So, As you’re talking to moms who are, and parents, I know you work with parents, moms and dads as well.

Um, do you find that there’s a lot of resistance at first of like, well, I have to do all of these things and there’s not really an option for me not to be busy, not to be overwhelmed. Do you find a lot of resistance in that?

Jaimee Campanella: Yeah. I find a lot of, um, common misbeliefs about time. Like parents come into it thinking they do not, they don’t have enough.

Roxanne: Yeah.

Jaimee Campanella: Especially moms. I don’t have enough time. I’m always late because I ran out of time. Um, they’re always blaming time. There’s always some external thing to blame, why it’s not possible.

Um, and there’s. Well, everything’s outta my control.

Roxanne: Mm-hmm.

Jaimee Campanella: Um, how can you, how can this be possible when, you know, my kid gets sick or everything I’ve planned gets thrown out the window or So Yeah, there’s definite resistance across the board. It just shows up in different colors and different ways depending on the person’s context and experience.

Roxanne: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. So I, the reason that I’m asking is I would love for you to give us maybe an actionable step that somebody listening today who’s like, yeah, yeah, that sounds really nice, but that like, there’s no way, there’s no way that I could do that. What would you tell that person?

Jaimee Campanella: So I would say the first thing that you can do, cuz I’m all about time, um, changing your relationship with time, is I would want to counter those limiting beliefs that you came to me with about time. So those are the people who are saying to me they wish they had more time. They don’t have enough time.

They ran out of time, they forgot they didn’t have time. So I mentioned briefly, but what I hear in all that is time is doing something to me.

Roxanne: Mm-hmm.

Jaimee Campanella: Time is against me. Time is out to get me. Were just blaming this concept of time and we’re acting like victims of time when it’s truly something we are in control of.

But it’s easier to pass the buck, if you will

Roxanne: Mm,

Jaimee Campanella: So one practical way that you can start to feel more in control of your time is changing your language. I talk about mindset first in everything I do

Roxanne: yes.

Jaimee Campanella: I feel I’m a systems person.

Roxanne: Yeah. Yeah,

Jaimee Campanella: matter how many systems or or whatever I give you, if we haven’t addressed the time scarcity that you speak about,

Roxanne: Mm.

Jaimee Campanella: Then I feel everything else is a bandaid or will not work in the long term.

So the first thing I would do with those people is say, we need to change the way you speak about time, how you treat time, and how you attract time. So the practical way to do that is to stop saying, I don’t have time. This is the most common phrase, and now that I’ve said it, you’ll probably hear it all over 

Roxanne: We’re all gonna start noticing it everywhere. Yeah.

Jaimee Campanella: so when you tell people you don’t have time to do something, you’re essentially just not taking responsibility for how you’re using your hours in the day. And language shapes the way we think. And the way we feel and the way we interact with the world. So to simply stop saying this one phrase, it’s a very powerful action because the more we tell people we don’t have enough of something, the more we believe it, and then we’re living in this constant cycle of time, scarcity.

Roxanne: Mm-hmm.

Jaimee Campanella: you know, we talk about this a lot when it comes to money, like money, mindset, abundance, mindset, but we rarely talk about it in relationship with time. And time is more valuable than money, right? We know that money can be replaced, time cannot. So people always say, okay, great. I can stop saying I don’t have time, but what should I say instead?

Tell me what to say. So, um, here’s a few simple ways, and you’ll find your own after doing this for a while, but a simple way to replace I don’t have time is simply by saying it’s not a priority. Or no,

Roxanne: Mm-hmm.

Jaimee Campanella: Simply no. perhaps yes, I would love to sign up for the bake sale, but could I do it next month instead?

Or, you know, expressing your interest if it’s genuine but taking responsibility for the time you have instead of blaming time. Um, so when you change these phrases from blame to responsibility, um, it puts you back in control. You’re making conscious decisions, and I always say it’s also a golden opportunity for check and balance for yourself because if you have to replace that statement, I don’t have enough time with, let’s say it’s not a priority if you literally replace it.

Let’s say, you know, people often say, don’t have time to exercise, so I don’t have time to exercise. Okay? If you do this exercise, exercise is not a priority for me.

Roxanne: Hmm.

Jaimee Campanella: You viscerally have a gut reaction like, ugh, that’s not true.

Roxanne: Yes. Yes. Like, oh dang. Oh,

Jaimee Campanella: Darn it. You know? So it, it show, it demonstrates for yourself quite quickly and easily that you need to make a change.

Roxanne: Yeah, that’s such a great exercise and such an an easy. Not, I feel like maybe not easy, but simple, like, that’s such a simple change, even though it is, that’s a huge mindset.

Jaimee Campanella: it’s a huge mind.

Roxanne: yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And what a, what a great way. It, it’s so funny, you know, just to, to hear that that shift, even with the example you gave us, right.

Of exercise, you know, like, oh, exercise isn’t a priority. I felt that in my gut, you know, and we, we were talking before, you know, I’m headed to the gym right after this, you know, and it’s, and that was like, that was me for 10 years of like, oh, you know, I, I don’t have time, I don’t have time, I don’t have time, I don’t have time.

And then finally said, actually, no, I wanna make time. And I shifted that for myself a couple months ago, and my goodness, the difference has been amazing. And it’s interesting too, as you talk about that shift, there’s such an empowering energy about, About really saying, actually, no, this is, I’m in charge.

This is my life I’m in, I’m in charge here, rather than time being in charge. So thank you for giving us such actionable advice. I would love to know, I mean, you’ve done a lot of things. So you were in the corporate world. In the nonprofit world. You’re a mom of two, you wife, you’re, uh, time strategist.

You’re, I mean, you’re, you’re running this other business as well. What does success look like to you?

[00:14:30] Success

Jaimee Campanella: Hmm. Success is for me living in a state of harmony with my work and my life when I feel a sense of balance. An alignment with the amount of time I’m spending with my business and my family when I am making dedicated time for the things that are important to me. I feel successful. Success, you know, used to be payday when I started my business or like just seeing cash, cash flow, or, you know, it was intoxicating to get more clients and get more work and keep growing and growing.

It used to look like. How much money I was making, but I’m far from that now. It’s, I feel so like today was so amazing. It was successful because I got to work in my business and I got to have an amazing afternoon with my kids and do a baking project, and I felt like a winner in both areas.

Roxanne: Mm.

Jaimee Campanella: So to me that’s success.

It’s life. It’s like, am I living the life I want? Am I enjoying my life? If I’m, you know, dragging my feet through anything, it’s, I’m not being my best self. That’s not a success for.

Roxanne: Mm-hmm. I love that answer. I love that. I feel that answer like in my bones, so thank you for that. What a, oh, what a great perspective on success. Jaimee, you were an entrepreneur before you had kids, kids before an entrepreneur. What was our order here?

Jaimee Campanella: I had children and then became an entrepreneur. Well, I had a child. I was pregnant with my second

Roxanne: Got it, got

Jaimee Campanella: entrepreneur.

Roxanne: Okay. No, that, that helps. As I ask you this next question, this is why I’m asking, so you, you became a parent, became an entrepreneur.

Jaimee Campanella: Yeah.

Roxanne: How has becoming a parent for a second time, being a parent for the first time through this entrepreneurship journey changed you as a person.

[00:16:22] How has being an entrepreneur changed YOU

Jaimee Campanella: Mm-hmm. That’s a good one. Um, my ability to grow and my. To see how growth can happen exponentially, like in both arenas. And seeing my tendency to take on too much, like at the beginning of the journey, right? Like I just saw, like, wow, I am capable of a lot. I, I don’t even think I realized my capability, you know, in terms of stretching myself and being good at so many things.

Like, I mean, moms are the most amazing multitaskers like we

Roxanne: the best.

Jaimee Campanella: Project managers of our own households, like we are strategic. We are like, we can like plan what our kids are wearing. The meal, the thi like every single soccer thing, oh, I have to like, we are incredible. And so I just saw how much I could grow so fast, but then I also saw how much I was able to let go

Roxanne: Mm.

Jaimee Campanella: or burn out.

You know, I burnt out a lot in these different iterations and. So I’m, I’m in hindsight, I’m really grateful for all those moments of burnout because it led me to deeper gems, so to speak, that I now teach mall

Roxanne: I was gonna say this has become your whole life as helping others.

Jaimee Campanella: Yeah. Like before I was just a do it for you style person and now I’m like, yeah, I can still do things for you, but I want to make long-standing impact in your life.

I wanna teach you the tools that you can use. So that really changed my trajectory of my, my business structure, of my, my entrepreneurial journey of who I wanted to be in the world was going through that experience of trying to do.

Roxanne: Mm-hmm. That makes a lot of sense. That makes a lot of sense. And it, I mean, it’s, it’s so true. You don’t, I feel like mom’s brains are the ultimate supercomputer, but at the same time, they tend. Go a little bit crazy and, and, and almost, you know, and so it’s, it’s so fun too. I love, I love so much that you talked about how much you were capable of, but also how much you could let go, because I feel like that’s such an important piece of it.

I would love to know, do you experience guilt ever? Especially around, I, you know, especially with moms, we talk a lot about guilt around your time, and so I’m really curious from your perspective as a time strategist, do you ever experience guilt.

[00:18:47] Do you experience guilt?

Jaimee Campanella: Yes. Um, I’ve really worked with it, and so I have like, I have applied my own tools and techniques to manage it because it really got in the way of my, at at least the beginning of my journey, of my success and my feeling of accomplishment. Um, I used to feel guilt all the time when I was in that hustle phase.

I, I can literally feel it in my body still. If I think about those moments where I was at the peak of my business growth and like two eras ago, and I, you know, was with my kids and feeling guilty cuz I didn’t wanna be with them. I wanted to go work on my business cuz it was like growing and doing so well.

And then I’d get to the office and it was vice versa. I was like, oh shit, I feel so guilty. I should be playing with the kids and making memories. And so I realized at this one point, like I, I wasn’t winning in either capacity. I wasn’t present with my business and I wasn’t present with my kids. And I felt guilty about that.

I wasn’t giving my due attention in either direction. Um, and that it was from that place that I’ve realized, you know, after much work on it,

Roxanne: Yeah. Yeah. Not an instantaneous decision. Yes.

Jaimee Campanella: no, no. But I had to take control of my time because the guilt was just coming from me not managing my time. Well,

Roxanne: Mm.

Jaimee Campanella: I could have both

Roxanne: Yeah.

Jaimee Campanella: and I wasn’t choosing how to turn.

I didn’t know how to turn my mind off

Roxanne: Mm.

Jaimee Campanella: from one to the other

Roxanne: yeah.

Jaimee Campanella: Like I, I remember I reading a book to my son, literally laying in bed, bed with him and like thinking, God, I cannot wait for him to fall asleep. I just wanna get back to my office. Like I really was not there physically. I was there, I was there a lot, but I was not mentally there.

And he would, I read him, I was reading to him one night and he said, oh, why did the bunny take the carrot or something? And I was like, oh my God, I have to read the page again cuz I was reading, but I was not, I did not retain

Roxanne: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jaimee Campanella: So it was such a wake up call for me. Like either you’re here or you’re not here, but don’t do it half ass, you

Roxanne: Yes. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That’s, I’m gonna needle point that one on a pillow. I love it. I love it. It reminds me of the Ron Swanson quote, you know, don’t half ass one thing, whole ass two things, or whatever, whatever that, whatever that combination is. How did you shift this then? What has shifted in your brain now?

How are you able to be present in your, in, in these respective realms?

Jaimee Campanella: Well, I took control of my time, my time. I changed my relationship with it. I did a lot of mindset work specifically that I created and designed around time mindset to figure out what the problem was because. Even as the agency owner at the time, I was working with amazing moms, highly ambitious, successful, and they were all saying the same thing.

I’m tired and I don’t have enough time, and I feel guilty for not being with my kids. And I was like, there’s something we’re not looking at. This is ridiculous. Like, we are amazing people. Why are we suffering? With time and being present. So I took a, I did take a time out, so to speak, from the day-to-day hustle and my business and studied, uh, different techniques and tools and ways that I really, I knew I had to make a change if I was gonna continue with running my own business.

Roxanne: Mm-hmm.

Jaimee Campanella: And it was through all that work that, that I, that time power, my program was born. And I practice those techniques to this day. You know, it’s a mix of mindset structure.

Roxanne: Mm.

Jaimee Campanella: Affirmations. I, I mean, diff visualizations, physicalizations, it’s all the heart of what I teach. Um, but I live it. I mean, again, not every day is peaches and cream, but I have the tools to, to get back in balance.

Roxanne: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. That’s, I, I feel like everyone of my listeners needs to just call you up and start working with you right now. This is amazing. Um, what do you wish people knew? What do you wish people knew about? This or, or what do you wish you knew years ago? What do you wish somebody had told you about the intersection of parenting and entrepreneurship?

[00:22:46] What do you wish people knew about the intersection of parenting and entrepreneurship?

Jaimee Campanella: Well, time is the undercurrent of everything that we do, and it’s always overlooked. We talk about a lot of the thing other things. When we’re starting a business and being an entrepreneur and being a parent, but we don’t talk about time management that much, and it’s really the, the lifeline of what we’re doing.

So I would say that if it’s so important to build a good relationship with time from the beginning, um, when you change your relationship with time and you put the right structures in place to manage both personally and professionally, anything is.

Roxanne: Mm-hmm.

Jaimee Campanella: You have to make choices. You have to set priorities, but your work and your family do not need to compete.

But you have to make that choice upfront.

Roxanne: Mm.

Jaimee Campanella: You decide where your time goes, um, and this is necessary for how you make conscious decisions and choices in your business and your life to make sure that your time alignment with your life vision. If you wanna be the mom who works in the office all day and is not involved with your kid’s life, great, I’ll help you create a schedule for that.

What do you want to experience? Do you want to be the mom who does pickup? Do you want to be one day a week with your kids in the after? Like, what is it that you want? What makes you feel accomplished? And you can create that. Don’t think otherwise. Especially as entrepreneurs, and this is like why I wanna work with moms who run businesses so specifically because you know, our businesses are other baby

Roxanne: Mm-hmm.

Jaimee Campanella: and we are in control.

Literally, we are the CEOs most of the time of these entrepreneurship, and we’re the first ones to let ourself go and let our business run us. But we are in a unique position to set the stage, but we often drop that responsibility. So I would say to you myself, and then don’t, I would say create the life you want and build your business around that and not vice versa.

Roxanne: Mm. Jaimee, I feel like you were dropping mic. After mic after mic. After mic. Amazing. So I’m gonna ask you for one more mic drop before we, we wrap things up. Will you give us a 30 second pep talk for other parents who are on this journey of entrepreneurship?

[00:25:07] Pep Talk

Jaimee Campanella: right. Ooh. Okay. 30 second pep talk. Okay. Start, timer, go. Okay. Take off. The badge of honor doesn’t exist anymore. There is no more work Hustle. Busy is not good. Busy does not determine how successful you’ll be. You will be. Being a parent and a business owner has its challenge. There are ebbs and flows. This is par for the course.

Don’t lose yourself in those moments. Allow them to propel you forward and help you get clearer about your life vision. They are attainable. Time is on your side and you are the creator of your story. So if somebody is reading your story, your book in 50 75, 100, 200 years from now, remember you’re writing that story now.

Every decision you make, every moment of time that you use is your story. So own it.

Roxanne: Oh, you’ve been pep talked. I love I love it. I love it. Okay, I have one last question. The name of this podcast is Reimagining Hustle, and I feel like you’ve done a really good job of expressing to us how you can reimagine hustle. But I would love to know in your life, uh, how you reimagine hustle. And I’m gonna give you a little background to this question.

I let you answer. So when I started my business, I was not a parent. I started my business first and loved it. Super bought into hustle culture, you know, I mean, you’ve talked about, you know, you love that hustle as well, you know, it felt good. It felt really, really good. And then I had my first child and my whole world stopped and I knew it wasn’t sustainable anymore.

So I’ve been on this quest to reimagine the idea of hustle since then. So in your own life, you’ve shared with us a lot about how you coach your clients and, and you’ve shared in your life as well. But I would love to know, what does hustle reimagined look like to you? If you were to put a definition on it.

Jaimee Campanella: Okay, so.

It’s a society where women, mothers are celebrated for having an enjoyable lifestyle where they get to take care of themselves, be a caregiver, and have a successful business.

Roxanne: Hmm. I want to go to there.

Jaimee Campanella: That’s reimagined, right?

Roxanne: That was, yes.

Jaimee Campanella: it’s where it’s the opposite of what exists and,

Roxanne: I mean, honestly, yeah. Yeah,

Jaimee Campanella: And that would be the ideal. It’s like I wouldn’t, you know. Yeah.

Roxanne: what a great way to reimagine. Thank you for that, Jaimee. We need more of you. Tell us where we can find you online. For all of those listening, where can we find you?

Jaimee Campanella: Yes, so you can find me on my website, Jaimee If you are inspired by what you heard today and you want to take your relationship with time, your time mindset to the next level, I encourage you to register for my online course, which is all focused on time mindset for moms. For shifts, I give visualizations and exercises to implement these new understandings and changes in your life, which have been instrumental for me and, and or if you’re looking to implement the structures and the systems that I’ve talked about for managing your time, sign up for my Time Power program. It will revolutionize your relationship with time.

And if you want a little dose of tips and inspiration, hop on Instagram or Facebook and follow me at Jaimee campanella co. My newsletter is available, um, and lots of other free resources that pop up on my websites. Um, new trainings and masterclass. So yeah, if you’re inspired to live your dream life, um, and ensure that your time is in alignment with your intentions, come follow me.

Come sign up for one of my resources.

Roxanne: Yes, and we’ll make sure that everything is linked in the show notes. So you need more Jaimee in your life. Go follow her. Like stop everything you’re doing, go follow her right now. So Jaimee, this has been a treat. Thank you for the gift of your time. Truly, this has been, uh, you know, we, we were talking before morning for me, nighttime for you.

For me, this is a great way to start my day and I appreciate it so much. This has been a lot of fun.

Jaimee Campanella: Yes. Thank you so much for having me. It’s a pleasure.

Roxanne: Thanks for listening to Reimagining Hustle with Roxanne Merket. If you like the show and want more, check out reimagining and please leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. We’ll be back next week with another episode. See you soon.