Strength in Caring | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Eudocia,

You know how some people find their calling and make everyone better because of it?

That’s you.

I knew the moment I met you that you had found your purpose in life. Not all teachers are this way, but you are. You’re a special one.

I watch you on the playground each morning welcoming children you taught years ago. Each one of them runs up to you, gives you a big hug, and lingers.

You look them in the eye. You see them.

Your calling as an educator is part of your core being. 

You care.

You care so much.

You care for the children in your class. You care for the children not in your class. You care so deeply for each human soul that I wonder how you do it. How do you do it? How do you care so much for people you’ve never met?

Your strength is in the way you care.

You care about every living thing. The planet. The animals. And the people around you.

And we all feel it so deeply. 

We inch a little closer to you just to bask in the care that exudes from your being.

I’m in awe at the thoughtful little texts that come through at just the right moment. Or the way you notice a child at exactly the right time.

Every single person who comes in contact with you is better because you care about them.

And you teach others to care, too.

You teach them with kindness and love and care and compassion.

Each of us who knows you learns by example – we feel your caring strength and it lights something within us.

We so desperately needed to feel your caring. And the moment we do, we recognize how much we need to share that with everyone around us. 

Your caring strength means that we each care a little more for the world around us.

It’s a domino effect of caring. 

When one feels cared for, they start to care for others. 

You make that happen. Because you care. You care so deeply. And it sparks something within every student in your class, every parent of your students, and everyone who meets you.

Your caring is not weakness. It’s vulnerable, yes. But not weak.

Your strength comes from caring.

You strengthen me through your caring. 

Caring strength. 

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