Strength in Choice | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Emma,

Your strength is found in your ability to make a choice.

I know you. I love you. And I know how difficult it can be for you to make a decision. I watch as you agonize over decisions, hoping to make the best choice for all parties. You approach decisions with compassion and love. You consider views most would never see. You think about consequences and repercussions and butterfly effects. The smallest detail is considered in each decision you make.

You weigh all the options, and then you choose.

The moment you make a choice, your strength shines through.

Because your choices are deliberate.

You are intentional. You don’t take your decision making lightly. Entire worlds open up as you debate possibilities. 

And your strength comes the moment a choice is made.

You are empowered to move forward with confidence, knowing that even if things don’t work out, you made the best choice you could with the information you had.

And when things do work out? It’s magic.

You make choices. And you embrace them for everything they hold, including all the unknown.

You know choices are like knocking down dominoes. One choice leads to another which leads to another.

Each choice you make is carefully considered. Options are weighed. And often, your stress level (and blood pressure) rise as you worry… 

Will you make the right decision?

Here’s the thing I’ve learned watching you – the right decision is making a choice. An intentional choice. Seizing life for everything it holds. Not letting the choice make you, rather you making the choice.

And you remind me of an important truth: not deciding is still deciding.

Because when you choose NOT to make a choice, you choose to give up your ability to act with determination and the knowing that you are leading your life.

Not choosing is still a decision. It’s deciding not to decide.

Perhaps you wait until you have more information? Or you decide you may not be the best person to make the choice. Or maybe you’re just afraid.

But there is still intention in choosing not to decide.

Those moments where you do choose, though?

Strong. Magic. And powerful.

Your strength comes from your ability to intentionally make choices. To make choices and live with them.

You exude radiance and confidence and determination the moment you make a single choice.

Thank you for the strength that comes with the power to choose.

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