Strength in Determination

Strength in Determination | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Agatha,

You and your determined soul are an inspiration to me.

Your strength is in your determination.

Whatever you set your mind to? It happens. With FORCE.

From the time you were tiny – tinier than most – you had a strength rooted in determination. The determination to live. To survive. And then to thrive.

Your determination is what gives you strength to do everything else in your life.

You are kind because you were determined to be kind.

You are curious because you were determined to become curious. 

You are talented because you were (and are) determined to get better and better at the skills you find important.

You are strong because you are determined to be strong. 

But you never accept another definition of strength. You’re strong in your own way. With tender edges and a compassionate heart. Because you determined to find a place where you could be strong and fierce and kind and loving. 

Your determination found that space. 

Your strength comes from your innate determination to be the best you can be. 

It’s inspiring. 

You don’t let your determination consume you, either. 

You wait. You ponder. You ruminate. And then, if it feels good and authentic to you at your core, you let the determination take over. 

If it needs to get done, you’re the one to do it. You are determination embodied.

You are strong. You are determined. And you’re changing the world. 

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