Strength in Discussion | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Georgie,

Adlerian theory says that every problem is an interpersonal relationship problem, which leads me to believe that perhaps every solution is a communication solution. You have embodied and demonstrated that concept for as long as I’ve known you.

Your strength comes from discussion.

One of my favorite things about you is that we can have a conversation about anything. I can call you and ask you to discuss any topic. And you’re always willing.

You’ve taught me that through discussion, you can exercise empathy.
You can explore alternative perspective safely.
And you can become a more compassionate and safe individual to be around.

Discussion doesn’t mean debate.

Discussion has simply been a way to evaluate things from as many possible perspectives as you can find. And then some!

It’s almost like putting pause on any emotion and allowing space and grace to just communicate to just listen to just discuss. And I’m so grateful to you for this.

You’ve given me an incredible example of safe, healthy discussion without fear and without worry.

Just safe discussion.

Your strength is safe discussion.

I’m continually impressed by your willingness to ask questions, to challenge your beliefs. And that always comes through discussion. Thank you for your power and your strength.

Thank you for your strength in discussion.

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