Strength in Imperfection | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Dahlia,

From one recovering perfectionist to another, thank you

Your strength lies in your ability to be imperfect.

When our conversations first began, you identified as a perfectionist over and over and over.

I get it. I’ve been there.

But you’re so much more than that. 

You’re a lover, a fighter, and filled with more talent than most people have in their little fingers.

And you were afraid. 

Afraid because you felt like you needed to be perfect.

You thought you needed to be perfect to share your gifts, your talent, your enthusiasm with the world. 

Our idea of perfect is nonsense.

To actually be perfect is to be complete, full, finished… Developed. 

Which you are. And you continue to be.

The moment you embraced the concept of imperfection – the moment you gave yourself permission to be beautifully imperfect – was magic.

Your entire being rose to the challenge. 

Your perfect imperfection empowered you to act.

You stopped dreaming and started doing. The thing you had dreamed about for so many years was no longer a dream.

You took action. You stepped into your power. You embraced your imperfection and did it anyway. 

You created. You did. You made. You acted.

Your soul became a tangible thing. 

I listened as confidence rushed back into your voice.

I watched as your posture rose. 

I saw the physical change that happened within you the moment you sent perfection packing.

You embraced imperfection.

And by so doing, you embraced your power. 

Your strength.

You’ve always been strong. You are one of the fierce ones, the mighty ones. Your strength has always been known.

And the moment you embraced your imperfection, your strength became unstoppable.

Your strength lies in the embrace of imperfection.

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