Strength in Kindness | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Delia,

You are truly one of the kindest people I know. Before you scoff, though, let me explain.

Sometimes we think of kindness as a weakness. You’re not weak.

Sometimes we think of kindness as pandering. You don’t pander.

Sometimes we think of kindness as assuming we know better than others. You never assume.

Your kindness is full of compassion and empathy. Your kindness starts with listening, with seeing, with trusting others.

I watch as you talk to others, listen to them, seek first to understand, and then look for opportunities to care with kindness.

You trust all those you interact with, too. You trust they know what’s best for them. Your unassuming kindness allows people to trust you, too.

Your kindness also holds strong boundaries. You embody a circle of care – yourself, your family, your neighbors, and then greater communities. You don’t let others take advantage of you. You’re firm in your care of others.

Your strength comes from your kindness.

You never seek attention. You’d be happy to hide in the background. But you deserve the same kindness you give. You deserve to be noticed, seen, and heard.

I’ve benefitted personally from your kindness. And I’m lucky to have escorted you on errands of kindness.

Your kind acts often seem small to you, but they are mighty to the recipients.

Because sometimes we just need to be seen, noticed, and tenderly cared for.

You do that. Your kindness is your strength.

Thank you for your kindness.

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