Strength in Leaving  | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Luxia,

Leave. Leave the one who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve. Leave the one who shames you. Leave your expectations behind.

Be brave and courageous and start listening to yourself. Your heart. Your mind. Your intuition. Your desires. Your loves. Your needs. Your wants. Your hopes. Your ideas.

Listen to yourself.

YOUR life – not anyone else’s life – is the one you are living. So live it your way. Look at it your way. Trust that you actually know what’s what.

I see you discouraged. Frustrated. Hating who you are some days. Wondering what became of you.

You look around and don’t recognize yourself in the life you’ve built. Because you’ve built no place for you in your life.

You’ve built a life for your husband. Your kids. The people you care for. You’ve built a life the way you felt like you were supposed to.

In the process, though, you lost yourself. You lost space for you. You lost the idea of you. And now you’re holding on to just a memory.

So leave it all behind and build it again. Take what works. Discard the rest. Don’t be afraid to disappoint your parents. Your family. Your spouse. Your kids.

You’ve disappointed yourself for so long… Maybe start listening to yourself? Even for just a second?
You are so strong. So incredible. And you have so much life to live.

Live it YOUR way. Not anyone else’s way.

Don’t shush your own voice. There are plenty of others who will do that for you. For now?

Trust yourself. Breathe for yourself. Walk for yourself. Meditate for yourself.

It’s not selfish. It’s life-giving. It’s necessary.

Be brave.

And let me warn you… This will not be pretty. It will be messy and frustrating and you will wonder if it’s worth the effort.

I promise you it is. Mess and all.

Trust yourself. Listen to yourself. Be yourself.

And don’t be afraid to leave it all behind to find yourself.

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