Strength in Motherhood | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Peggy,

Motherhood is holy. But motherhood is complicated.

To dedicate your life to your humans is inspiring and terrifying.

I was always scared of motherhood because it felt so black and white. Like I had to choose to be only a mother or not a mother at all. Like I had to choose to be a mother or be an individual – not both.

But motherhood is so… grey. Motherhood is caring for other humans while still caring for yourself. It’s a delicate balance. A balance that requires immense strength.

I’m inspired by your strength in motherhood. 

I’m inspired by you because you haven’t forgotten yourself.

You lead your life with passion and compassion.

You make space to see others outside yourself. But you also allow yourself space to be seen.

You see the world for what it is – tragic and hopeful, divided and united, discouraging and remarkably encouraging. 

You’re not afraid to see.

You’re also not afraid to ignore everything for a moment of peace.

You embody the serenity prayer. 

Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

You have the courage to see other mamas and their babies. To see their suffering. And to teach your own babies to see them too. 

You don’t turn a blind eye. You don’t obsess over the things you don’t control either.

You are dedicated to change within your home. And the change that will come to the world by the hand of those in your home. 

I’m in awe of your strength. 

Your strength of character, of mind, and of love. 

A completely selfless mother is just as damaging as a selfish one, because she teaches by her example that a mother’s life is only for others. 

You refuse to be selfless. You refuse to be selfish.

Your refusal is fueled by strength.

We’re here to learn and grow. To listen to our inner voice.

You’ve listened to your inner calling to raise those babies.

And you’ve also listened to your inner curiosity to do and grow the things you care about

You keep asking questions in full view of your children.

They see you growing, serving, loving, caring.

They see your strength.

I see your strength.

I’m inspired by your strength to “just” be a mom – though you and I both know it’s anything but “just.”

Motherhood is hard.

It’s painful.

It aches at our core.

And yet you chose it.

Motherhood is exhausting.

It’s challenging.

It rewrites our identities.

And yet…. 

You embody the strength that comes from motherhood.

I see your strength.

I’m inspired by your strength.

And I’m empowered by your strength.

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