Strength in Overcoming | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Korrie,

You know the phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? You are strong because of everything you’ve overcome in your life.

I’ve had the privilege of watching you recognize demons within yourself and fight with the fury of the divine feminine to overcome them.

I’ve watched as you’ve been hit with challenges and difficulties. You always find a way to overcome.

Your strength comes in your overcoming.

Your battles have never been easy, and they’ve never been quick. Even today I see you fighting a battle of two steps forward one step back.

And yet you continue to overcome.

You’re in this life for the long haul. You step into lifelong battles with grace and courage. Your willingness to overcome your battles every single day is absolutely inspiring to me.

You know it won’t be easy.

You know today’s best might look completely different than tomorrow’s – and you’ve learned to stop comparing the two.

You know that today you might feel completely productive and accomplished and on top of the world. And tomorrow you might call it a victory if you get out of bed.

You’ve stopped comparing days and instead view each day as a challenge to overcome.

And you do.

You overcome your battles every single day. And you are stronger every single day because of your ability to overcome.

Your strength is found in overcoming.

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